Perplexed by how drugs are approved and funded in Canada?

Searching for a simple snapshot of the process?

If you think that deciphering how prescription medicines are approved and funded in Canada is akin to learning a new language, you’re right.

The process – well, actually, it’s a combination of multiple processes and variations on those processes – is complicated and complex. Just figuring out all the acronyms is enough to boggle the mind.

You’ll find some similarities with drug regulatory and reimbursement processes in other countries, and some distinct differences that are important to grasp.

But, just to keep everyone on their toes, when you think you have figured out how it all works here in Canada, a part of the process changes.

Whether you are with a company that’s considering seeking approval for a pharmaceutical treatment in Canada, or part of a patient community looking to ensure a new medicine is accessible to Canadians, we can help.

From the first glimmer of an idea in a scientist’s mind, to the researcher’s bench, and finally, into patient care, our interactive infographic will help you navigate this journey, and explain it to others.

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