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You can influence government. This guide shows you how.

Developing Key Messages for Effective Healthcare Advocacy by Joanne Koskie

Without pressure on government to provide access, some treatments will never be publicly funded, or funded too late for those who so desperately need them. I've created this guide to developing key messages -- which help to distill the words that will advance your issue with government. The key messages you develop will be delivered directly and indirectly to government decision-makers, through various channels and vehicles including traditional, digital, and social media. The guide includes:
  1. An overview of the rules of engagement
  2. How the media influences government
  3. Tools and worksheets to develop your key messages
  4. A checklist to help you determine the potential of your new key messages
Free how-to guide: Communicating for access to treatment
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With this free tool, you'll be able to develop your key messages -- the key to affecting government decisions.
How do I engage with media and government?

This guide provides an overview of the "rules of engagement" with government and media, and how they interact, to get the best results.

How do I create messaging that government will listen to?

This guide gives you tools and examples to distill your message and get you started right away.

How do I organize my patient group and stakeholders?

This guide is your first step -- understanding and developing your key messages to get everyone on the same page.

Joanne Koskie
About the Author
Joanne Koskie
With a decade of experience in advocating for patient groups, Joanne Koskie, Vice-President, Cohn & Wolfe | Canada is passionate and happy to help you hone your key messages and get you started. Contact her today and we'll make sure your key messages are ready to make headlines and change policy.
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Key messages are the beginning to affecting government.
Effective key messages are the beginning to changing lives.